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Aug 30, 2023 · Children of the cartel: CJNG members describe what led them to a life in organized crime. Karol Suárez and Cristopher Rogel Blanquet. For the Courier Journal. Warning: This story contains ... It didnt. Cjng also didnt Work for the sinaloa cartel. They were in Veracruz themselves and founded the Mata zetas. They were Allied against the zetas thats true. When chapo ordered massacres the narcomantas would contain His name Like in Nuevo Laredo. The cjng themselves claimed responsibility in a video.Leadership is an essential skill that can be developed and honed over time. It is important to recognize the characteristics of a great leader in order to become one yourself. Here...Extra Crunch Live, the members-only event series that features tech leaders waxing poetic on how to perfect the pitch deck (and more!) has gotten off to a strong start in 2021. Thu...Nov 28, 2019 · American authorities are still seeking his extradition to the U.S. to face drug charges. Mexican marines almost captured El Mencho in October 2018. They stormed a hideout west of Guadalajara, but the cartel leader climbed into a vehicle and was rushed to safety. After his escape, the U.S. took its manhunt public. The planning of an operation aimed at arresting 'El Mencho' was affected due to a diplomatic conflict, leaving the CJNG leader to operate more freely. The discord between Mexico and the DEA intensified following the release of information suggesting organized crime financing of Lopez Obrador's 2006 presidential campaign. This triggered a series ...Javier, nicknamed The Fly, arrested at an address of this capital with weapons, drugs and cash. Of relevance for Zacatecas security matters, today the capture of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) leader was reported in the region, named Óscar Javier N, nicknamed as "La Mosca", whose influence occured in this capital and in the municipalities of Villanueva, Jerez and Tabasco.Celý příběh kartelu Jalisco Nová Generace (CJNG ze svého španělského jména) začíná dvěma událostmi. Nejprve došlo k zatčení šéfa kartelu Milenio Oscara Navy Valencii v říjnu 2009. Poté došlo k smrti jeho nadřízeného, a zároveň spojky mezi kartelem Milenio a Sinalojskou federací, Ignacia Coronela, který byl zabit během přestřelky s …Jul 11, 2022 · July 11, 2022, 8:47am. Screenshot from an unverified video in which El Mencho, the leader of Mexico's CJNG cartel, appears to ask other criminal groups to leave priests and other innocents out of ... Over two years ago, Omar García Harfuch was responsible for an operation to arrest Mauricio Valera Reyes, "El Manotas", a Colombian national and leader of the Jalisco Nueva Generación ( CJNG ) criminal cell which operates in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.CJNG's Leader, 'El Mencho,' Is Now the World's Most Wanted Drug Lord . DEALosAngeles ... CJNG Is Known for its Acts of Brutality and Torture . In April, ...CJNG, based in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, released the video Friday, on the birthday of its leader, billionaire fugitive Rubén "Nemesio" Oseguera Cervantes. Known as "El Mencho," the ...The leader of one of these groups, Roque Zamudio-Mendoza, 52, of Mexico, was the main source of drugs smuggled into the United States, according to the charges. Other co-conspirators allegedly distributed the narcotics in the Houston and Galveston, Texas, areas to other locations throughout the United States, including New Orleans; Pensacola ...CJNG was founded in 2011 and has expanded rapidly due to its control of key drug production and transportation corridors, its penchant for extreme violence, its disciplined leadership and its ...CJNG's leader, "El Mencho," has remained on the run in Mexico for more than a decade, despite a $10 million reward for tips leading to his capture. In Washington, CJNG put Juan Antonio Gonzalez ...A former Barrio 18 gang leader swindled a high-ranking police chief in a fake plot to have a Mexican drug cartel abduct Elmer Canales Rivera, alias 'Crook,' according to an investigation by 'El Faro' ... (CJNG). In return, Rafa, a fugitive who was hiding in another Central American country, received money for his efforts and secured the ...Dec 20, 2019 ... (CJNG). In mid-2019, leader of the long-dominant Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquin (“El Chapo”) Guzmán, was sentenced to life in a maximum-security ...Dec 20, 2022 · Antonio Oseguera Cervantes is CJNG leader El Mencho's brother and the latest member of that family to be arrested in Mexico. by Nathaniel Janowitz December 20, 2022, 6:59pm CJNG leaders. Cesar Cesarin Molina alias El Tornado is the overall leader of CJNG in SLP & Hidalgo. He formed the armed wing Operativa Belica which has been going to war with Los Alemanes. His brother Ivan Cesarin Molina alias El Tanque is the overall leader of CJNG in Veracruz.The CJNG is headed by alias "El Mencho," a feared but mysterious leader. The Jalisco Cartel New Generation (Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación - CJNG) is a criminal group that has evolved as a result of killings, captures and rifts in older cartels. It is known for its aggressive use of violence and its public relations campaigns.Milenio Cartel. Drug trafficking, money laundering, murder and arms trafficking. The Milenio Cartel, or Cártel de los Valencia (Valencia family Cartel), was a Mexican criminal organization based in Michoacán. It relocated to Jalisco in the early 2000s. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel was born from the splintering of the Milenio Cartel.PREVIOUS U.S. GOVERNMENT ACTIONS ON CJNG AND LOS CUINIS. Today’s Kingpin Act designation marks OFAC’s twelfth action against CJNG, which was designated on April 8, 2015, along with its leader, Nemesio Ruben Oseguera Cervantes (a.k.a. “Mencho”), for playing a significant role in international narcotics trafficking.The city was a key part of a CJNG firearms network that bought hundreds of guns from more than a dozen U.S. states, specializing in semi-automatic .50 caliber rifles and FN SCAR assault rifles ...Violence related to the arrest of a Jalisco New Generation Cartel (Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion or CJNG) leader is possible across Jalisco State as of Nov. 25. On the morning of Nov. 25, Mexican security forces conducted an operation and arrested Juan Carlos Pizano Ornelas alias "El CR" in Tapalpa, Jalisco State, the alleged leader of ...He's the son of CJNG leader Rubén Oseguera Cervantes, known as "El Mencho," who remains at large. The U.S. is offering a $10 million reward for El Mencho's capture.CJNG’s leader, “El Mencho,” has remained on the run in Mexico for more than a decade, despite a $10 million reward for tips leading to his capture. In Washington, CJNG put Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Carrillo, known as “Toto,” over the drug ring and he often “fronted” drugs – allowing local trafficker­s to take the drugs on loan and ...El Apa is the other CJNG leader that was meeting with Doble R. Status of arrests are still unconfirmed. ... That makes sense though. I am still puzzled how cjng didn't let what the pajaros did slide having them been one of the og groups to join them and all. That decision further weakened cjng presence in Michoacan and compromised a lot of ...Nemesio Rubén Oseguera Cervantes (Latin American Spanish: [neˈmesio oseˈɣeɾa seɾˈβantes]; born 17 July 1966, or 17 July 1964), commonly referred to by his alias El Mencho ([el ˈmentʃo]), is a Mexican drug lord and leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), an organized crime group based in Jalisco.He is the most-wanted person in Mexico and one of the most-wanted in the U.S.Rosalinda González Valencia (Spanish pronunciation: [rosa'linda ɣon'sales βa'lenθja]; born 1962 or 1963) is a Mexican businesswoman and suspected money launderer of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), a criminal group based in Jalisco.She also been known by her alias La Jefa (The Boss). She was married to Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes ("El Mencho"), Mexico's most-wanted man and the CJNG ...Oct 11, 2016 · Intimidating, paying off, or eliminating police, CJNG leaders have ruthlessly applied lessons learned during their apprenticeship under Guzmán's cartel to muscle in on battered rivals and snatch ... He is the leader of the CJNG plaza in Poza Rica. El Coco is a former subordinate of Ciro [or Cirilo] Gonzalez Perez, known as Z-37, El Puchini, or El Perrito de Evelio, who was the former leader of the Zetas in northern Veracruz, Hidalgo, Guanajuato, and San Luis Potosí.I appreciate the work of the Mexican authorities that led to the arrest of the alleged leader of the group that attempted on my life. ... Out in the bay area Sf otam ien akland san jose ta lleno de celulas cjng alv at the night clubs see all the time on the signs with letters that light up u can personalize when u get bottle service todas dicen ...First published on Tue 16 Nov 2021 12.10 EST. Mexico's military have arrested the wife of the Mexican drug lord "El Mencho", leader of the ultra-violent Jalisco New Generation cartel (CJNG ...Jan 17, 2024 ... CJNG Shares A Chilling Message After Their Boss Capture. 152K views · 3 months ago ...more. The Club. 148K."Project Python is the single largest strike by U.S. authorities against CJNG, and this is just the beginning," said Acting Administrator Uttam Dhillon. "This strategic and coordinated project exemplifies DEA's mission: to disrupt, dismantle, and destroy drug trafficking organizations around the world and bring their leaders to justice.The leader of Colima's CJNG forces is alleged to be Mencho’s son-in-law Julio Alberto Castillo Rodríguez, alias “El Chorro.” The leader of the Colima Independent Cartel, who splintered last year from CJNG, used to be José Bernabé Brizuela Meraz, known as “La Vaca.” He was arrested in August 2022.The warning was made by a man who said it was on behalf of the leader of the Jalisco New Generation cartel (CJNG). He complained that Milenio Television was favouring so-called self-defence groups ...Because he hates the Viagras. By Lara's own admission he worked under El Americano, who was the leader of one of these fake autodefensas. Lara is just a criminal that has beef with the Viagras, he ran away from Michoacan because of them. At one point he was doing anti CJNG propaganda and pro Abuelo propaganda.On 1 May 2015, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) carried out a series of attacks in Jalisco, Mexico, and four adjacent states to prevent the capture of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes (alias "El Mencho"), their suspected leader. The operation began early that morning in Villa Purificación, where four Mexican Air Force and Federal Police (PF) helicopters spotted a CJNG convoy protecting El ...CJNG's leader, "El Mencho," has remained on the run in Mexico for more than a decade, despite a $10 million reward for tips leading to his capture. In Washington, CJNG put Juan Antonio Gonzalez ... CJNG's leader, "El Mencho," has On 1 May 2015, the Jalisco New Generation Opinion leaders are individuals who are active voices in their communities and influence the decisions of community members. In terms of marketing, opinion leaders are individuals ... The fb comment is just celebrating r-18's death no were in Mexican military teamed with the DEA to arrest El Mencho's son, Rubén Oseguera González, 29, who was CJNG's No. 2 leader and next in line to inherit the global empire from his father. The son ...Brother of Jalisco New Generation Cartel leader ‘El Mencho’ is arrested. MND Staff. April 22, 2024. 1. Abraham Oseguera an older brother of CJNG leader, "El Mencho," was detained in Jalisco ... Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG)...

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Dec 20, 2019 ... (CJNG). In mid-2019, leader of the long-dominant Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquin (“El ...


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Eight Mexican soldiers with SEDENA, Mexico's national defense, and one Mexican police officer died in the 2015 crash on a mission ...


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The reality on the ground, however, is less clear. While some believe the CJNG's invasion o...


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The one victim is known as “Ghost Rider” a leader of CU which consists of several groups, allied, largely headed...

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